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film to dvd transfers
  • Australia’s best 8mm film to dvd transfers
  • Standard 8 and Super 8 cine film
  • Professional grade equipment used
  • 13 Years and 1000’s of transfers experience
  • Frame by frame scanning capture
  • Encoded files for computer editing
  • Highest grade of archival discs used

Premium 8mm Cine Film to DVD Transfer


Premium Transfer Include

  • film inspections and repair if needed
  • cleaning and lubrication with anti-static solution
  • frame by frame scanned capture
  • chapter markers on reel changes
  • extra disc copies or family = $8.00 each
$ 80.00 for 50 feet

* incl gst

Deluxe 8mm Cine Film to DVD Transfer


Deluxe Transfer Include

  • film inspections and repair if needed
  • cleaning and lubrication with anti-static solution
  • frame by frame scanned capture
  • chapter markers on reel changes
  • full motion menu with chapter reel selection
  • thumbnail chapter images on printed sleeve
  • dvd case and printed titled disc
  • mpeg and ac3 files transferred to your hard-drive
  • extra disc copies for backup or family = $12.00
$ 110.00 for 50 feet

* incl gst

8mm Film To DVD Transfers

Sydney DVD Makers have transferred 1000’s of clients 8mm cine film onto DVD last 13 years, and in that time we have being upgrading our film scanning equipment to improve the quality of the transfer.

Our newest system in the Retro-8 film scanners from movie Stuff. The Retro scanners were designed specifically for the Academy of Motion picture film Archives in Hollywood. There frame by frame scanners employ no sprockets, no claws, no images area content and super cool bright LED capture lens which results in the highest quality capture with absolutely no effect on the film itself.

why do we choose to use these latest scanners, it’s simple because they are the number one scanning unit for highest quality reproduction of you film currently in the world

What our 8mm Film Transfer DO include tick

  • your film is inspected for bad splices, bending, curling, emulsion breakdown
    and any sprocket damage with repairs undertaken were possible
  • hand cleaning and lubrication of your film in a anti-static solution
  • frame by frame scanned capture of either standard or super 8mm cine film
  • using frame-server software with complex scripts and algorithms we process your  film with filters including, de-noise, remove dirt, stabilization, sharpening,  degraining, colour adjust and lastly interpolation to create true 25 frames per second footage
  • flicker free playback of your film
  • heat-less LED light source eliminates hot spots and the chance of burning your film
  • solid state registration creating a rocky steady picture accurate to within a pixel
  • sprocket-less and claw-less film drives means no risk of damage to your precious
    film and much smoother scanning of the film in the capture process
  • RGB colour, brightness and contrast adjustment to enhance the quality are made
    were necessary
  • two pass variable bit encoding for the picture image and Dolbly Digital sound for
    the audio
  • we only use Taiyo Yuden DVD discs (masters, not OEM’s),the worlds best archival
    grade disc and the only disc still made in Japan
  • free transfer of the encoded MPEG files (that we use to make your DVD) to your
    external hard-drive (deluxe only
  • motion menus with thumbnail videos of the chapter markers from scene changes
    (deluxe transfer only)
  • encoding to .AVI or .MOV for editing on your computer (optional extra)

What our transfers DON’T include cross

  • Your film is not captured through a cheap lightbox purchased off Ebay
  • Your film is not captured by projecting the image onto a wall and using a video
    camera to record it
  • Your film is not played through a projector with a heated bulb, older film becomes
    brittle so be careful trying to playback or letting anyone else playback your film
    through an old projector as the heat from the bulb could easier damage your film

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