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  • Authoring DVD menus
  • Looped promo DVD’s
  • Hybrid data and video DVD’s
  • File format encoding
  • Post production editing


Authoring CD's and DVD's can be as complex as putting your intended user in full control with navigation motion menus or as simple as a looped in-store promo DVD. Over the last decade we have developed many authoring projects tailored to a wide range of clients.

Some of our authoring services include
- Autorun cd's - html navigation cd's - DVD static menus with scene selection - DVD motion menus with scene selection - Looped DVD's for instore promos and expo's etc - Hybrid discs containing compliant DVD video files with data files like pdf's, photos etc


We can encode any format to any file type you need using quality compression software and hardware. Some of our encoding formats to or from include - .AVI - .MOV - .FLV - .MP4 - H264 - MPEG2 - You Tube - PAL to NTSC - NTSC to PAL

Post Production Editing

Need you corporate in-house video shoot cleaned up, alter a promo cut supplied from overseas, we can cut, clean and change you current footage to get it ready for the next stages of the project, encoding and authoring.