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5 May, 2015

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By: Duncan

Future of physical media in 2015

A big part of our business here at Sydney DVD Makers is CD and DVD duplication, yes that’s right physical media. Now it’s 2015, streaming and downloadable media has being around for a long time right, so the question is, has it affected our business volumes for CD copying and DVD Duplication ?

The answer is a resounding no ! … sure a few of our longstanding clients have dropped off the radar, but for everyone we lose, another client with a great marketing promo DVD, or a young budding muso with his new Audio CD show ups. Add to that training DVD’s, school concerts, dance DVD’s, in-store product DVD’s, short locally produced movies, the list is endless with all types of clients still needing their content on the good old shiny round disc of a CD or DVD. Let’s take a quick look at the other options, and pretend for a silly moment that the physical disc has dried up, or maybe they have being unceremoniously burnt (pardon the pun) like some medieval ritual book burning ..

No more DVD’s ?

OK so let’s first say we have a client called Paul that has 2 minute promo video on some whizz bang new product they have just imported into the country. Now Paul has found a distributor for his product, only problem is the distributor has said they need a video to give to each store that will stock his new product to help promote it, the video will be played on the in-store TV’s and needs to be looped so it can play over and over though out the day. Good news for Paul as well, as the distributor has said they will put his new product in all 165 stores around Australia. Ohh that’s great says Paul, but in the back of his mind he is wondering how much is that going to cost to get a promo video into all 165 stores.

Other Options

So what is Pauls options ? …. Unfortunately, now that we have burnt all the DVD’s in the ritual, DVD Duplication is not possible so therefore not a lot. He can’t stream the promo content into the stores, as lot of them don’t even have a internet connection, let alone a connection hooked to a smart TV of some kind. So his only other option is to use a USB memory drive, but this has 2 problems, firstly its expensive, actually up to 4 times more than those burnt DVD’s, the other problem is the printable area to add all his contact details, a product title and image of the product itself on the USB is tiny compared to a DVD disc and Paul wants his product to be easily remembered by the stores staff ….. So Paul then embarks on a campaign to bring back the DVD !


A Perfect Example

Of course all joking aside this is just one example of the physical disc media still having a place in our technically advanced world. A very good client of ours Sharon Blaine and her hair dressing school The Art Of Education is another example of needing a physical DVD disc to help sell her education DVD’s. Not only do we do Sharon’s DVD Duplication for her but
recently we also authored one of her education DVD’s, and her content is just unsurpassed, i mean it’s the best in her industry, but her material is broken up into 12 learning modules, each module being a different hair style to learn, so from a users perspective, the DVD’s navigation menu is simply the only way to make it easy for users to access all these great learning modules in a order chosen by the user themselves. No other digital format can offer this type of navigation or user control, and for The Art Of Education’s training DVD range this is the delivery method they need, check them out here at

More Good Reasons

Personally i think the other reason DVD’s are here to stay for a lot longer is that DVD’s players had the biggest consumer take up, of any electrical product on the market since Television Sets became mainstream back in the 60’s. The main reason for this was the price point, as low as $50.00 a unit, who can’t afford a DVD player for 50 bucks, heck I’ll have 3 please … and this also colluded with why Blu-Ray really didn’t become much of a hit, as much as it should off anyway, considering the superior High Definition quality it offers. The purist’s jumped ship, anyone who understood the dazzling difference that BD offered over DVD jumped as well, but the bulk of consumers stayed loyal to DVD, and are still staying loyal even now in 2015. OK sales of DVD movies are down in the US for 2014, probably due to streaming content providers like Netflix, we have seen a drop of 8%, but we are still taking about a 8 billion dollar industry, compared to 1 billion for purchased downloaded movies.

Our DVD disc and cases supply arm Australian Digital Supplies at www.ausds.com.au is still doing a roaring trade in CD and DVD discs. This also gives us an indication that consumers are keeping their DVD players in their TV cabinet for the time being. Which brings me to another point … the lovable audio CD. Wasn’t this meant to die out in the 90’s once we had digital and downloadable music … No wrong again, the MP3 player didn’t spell the end of the CD, certainly slowed sales, managed to close many CD music shops ( although JB Hi Fi seems happy enough to keep them in their racks ) but far from sent the humble Audio CD to the grave. Some people still prefer something tangible to hold.

In Summary

To fully kill off the DVD disc there has to be something better come along, something that has all the functions and options both for the consumer and for business’s that DVD’s offer, otherwise just how can you kill something off, that still has a purpose, that still has a need ….. you just can’t.

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