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   24 hr Credit Card   

24hr Credit Card USB Drive

The Credit Card USB features plenty of space for UV full-colour printing
of your graphics, also very popular with the end user as it can be stored
and carried in a wallet to be used anywhere on the go, all with your
branding on it !

Actual size : 85mm(w) x 55mm(h)

Notes: 32Gb and 64Gb sizes available contact us for prices

  • Per Unit

    $ 10.17
    Ex gst

    $ 1.30

    $ 1.30

    $ 1.30

    $ 1.30

    $ 1.30

  • Total

    $ 363.58
    Incl gst
    $ 63.05 $ 113.10 $ 187.20 $ 273.00 $ 435.50

Drive Body Colours

  • Whitehttps://www.dvdmakers.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/credit-card.jpg

Print Details

Front print area : 85mm(w) x 53mm(h)
Back print area : 85mm(w) x 53mm(h

Print Types

Content Upload Details

Content Uploading

Powerpoint presentations, video files, PDF’s, regardless of your content we are here to offer advice and ensure your content is uploaded to the USB drives accurately, including verification of the content before the drive is ejected. We also the experts at video looping so your file will play without interruption or lag for extended periods, video editing and encoding is also available in-house

Non-Delete Content and Content Copy Protection

We offer two levels of security for your content, non-deletable content will stop your users from being able to remove your content from the USB drive. The 2nd level if security is making the content fully protected from being copied, including password entry only if requited

Autorun Files

We can add a autorun.inf file to the USB drive so your presentation file or content will launch automatically when the user inserts the USB Flash Drive in their computer

Volume Label Naming

Another opportunity for branding is in the volume label, so users can recognize your companies content as soon as their insert the drive into their computer.


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